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About Us

Its all about businesses is a website intended to help entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs make more informed decisions about entering, exiting, sustaining, and building businesses. PT Consulting Partners, Dallas, Texas, designed, constructed, and maintains this site. The information contained, herein, is the result of the knowledge and experience of the company's Principals: Donald Bodwell and Darell Herbst. To the best of our knowledge, all information contained herein is accurate. However, the reader is encouraged to do additional research and confirm or refute any conclusions drawn from this material.

One of the primary reasons we built was to showcase and support those of our clients who purchased website design and hosting through our PTC Webworks and PTC Webworks Pro Divisions. Responsible businesses who guarantee their products and services may request paid listings under the appropriate industry categories. Send an inquiry to the email address below and we will evaluate your site and give you a quote.

If you find any information on this site that is incorrect, we welcome your suggestions. If there is a missing writeup that you would like to write for this site, please let us know. Our writers will receive a free link to their site from the writeup. If there is a category that you feel should be included, please let us know about that as well. We reserve the right to determine the categories that will be included as well as the right to edit any material submitted for inclusion.

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