Corporate Health Check

The Corporate Health Check helps you identify and isolate areas within your organization that need attention. Your interaction with the Corporate Health Check is completely anonymous. While the results of your use of the Corporate Health Check are stored in our database for analysis and comparison, they are not associated to any organization or person. When you finish the assessment, your results will be compared to all previous Health Checks and previous Health Checks for your industry. You should print a copy of your results for future reference and comparison.

How to use the Corporate Health Check

Expect to spend a total of 15 minutes selecting the descriptions that best describe the situation in your corporation or organization. Once the assessment is complete, you will be presented with a corporate "dashboard" that summarizes your corporationís current condition in each of the following areas: Strategy, Marketing/Advertising, Process, People, Technology, and Finance. The following metrics will be displayed for each diagnostic:

Level 5
Healthy and Robust
Level 4
Borderline - Trending up toward Healthy
Level 3
Level 2
Borderline - Trending down toward Fatal
Level 1
Potentially Fatal - Immediate attention is highly recommended

To begin, select an industry:

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